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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My Company given me a budget to rental a car, what made /model

I can get to work within my budget?
If you are not able to find a car in the rates table, please send us a email or contact our consultant and they will do their best to assist you to work out a impressive rate.
With our flexi-scheme, we assure of a attractive package with your reasonable budget provided.

2. Does my foreign license able to drive in Singapore?

a. Minimum criteria has to have English description on your foreign driving license.
b. If you are a work permit holder, you can only drive using your foreign driving license for not more than a year.
c. If you are a Permanent Resident, you are only allow to drive with Singapore Driving license.

3. What does the rental covers?

Your monthly rental covers Road Tax, Insurance, maintenance and repair due to wear and tear. Damaged repair excluded.
** short term rental differ from above coverage.

4. Can the car be driven in Malaysia?

The rental vehicle can be driven into Malaysia on the conditions that the intention to do so is communicated to our Consultant at the point of collection of vehicle and the Malaysia Surcharge is paid.

5. What do “CDW” [collision damage waiver] and excess means?

a. “EXCESS” refers to the amount the hirer is liable to pay in the unfortunate event that the rental car is involved in an accident or the vehicle is damaged while in the possession of the hirer
b. “COLLISION DAMGE WAIVER (CDW)” refers to the amount the hirer is required to pay if he wish to lower his “EXCESS”

6. Can I pay to reduced the Excess?

This is standardized to all insurance company in Singapore. Insurance Company do not accept further coverage to lower the excess.

7. What other Charges I have to know?

a. Shortfall of petrol at the time of returning
b. Due to the negligence of the hirer / driver, the Battery runs flat, Tyre(s) and /or Rim(s) are damaged
c. Rental of GPS, Baby or Child Booster Seats.
d. Damages or missing item(s) from the vehicle.

8. What should I do in a event of accident?

a. Take down the other party (parties) vehicle’s registration number(s) and description.
b. Exchange particulars with all parties involved (eg. Name, NRIC / Passport numbers, contact numbers, etc). If the third party is not friendly or co-operative, then just take note of point (a).
c. Take down the location and time of accident.
d. make a accident report within 24 hours at Insurer designated centre (contact us for assistance)
e. Make a police report if following occurred during an accident:
i) injuries
ii) Hit and Run
iii) Damage to Government property

9. Who should we contact in the event of unforeseen problem arised on the vehicle?

You will have a consultant that serve you all the way till you return your vehicle. You simply need to send him a email or contact him and he will be there for you to answer to your queries.
we believed in peronalized service.