Rental Rates

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Mid-Size Car

Catalogue Make/Model  Rental Rates/Month
Hyundai Avante 1.6(A) $1,400.00
Toyota Vios 1.5(A)  $1,500.00
Toyota Altis 1.6(A)  $ 1,500.00


Catalogue Make/Model Rental Rates/Month
Toyota Lexus IS250(A) $2,500.00
Nissan Teana 2.0(A)  $2,200.00


Catalogue Make/Model Rental Rates/Month
Toyota Wish 1.8(A)  $1,900.00
Toyota Estima 2.4(A)  $2,800.00


Catalogue Make/Model Rental Rates/month
Subaru Forester 2.0X  $2,200.00
Honda CRV 2.0(A)  $2,400.00
Kia Sorento 2.4(A)  $2,400.00

New Car

Catalogue Make/Model Rental Rates/Month
Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4(A)  TBA
car14 Toyota Harrier 2.0(A)  TBA

** Please contact or email us should you have any special request on Made/Model that is not shown    above and we will do out best to fulfill your requirement
**Rates are flexible subjected to period contracted
** rates subjected to change wihtout prior notice

As the vehicle price in Singapore is so volatile, this make things difficult for people to own a car. To purchase a car in Singapore there are many component involved. Other then car price, there is Import Tax, Fluctauting COE, Road Tax, insurance , maintenance and unpredictable repair cost , etc to take into consideration.

In order to take care of your budget, we have multiple scheme that helps you to process a car now.

We are the only company that provides flexi-scheme which help you materialised your dream car.

Talk to our friendly consultant today.